A dark experimental music video featuring non-stop glitch sounds and eerie alien galactic ambience in the background.
As the creator of this piece, I realized that a certain story or mood board wasn’t necessary to convey the emotions behind the music. Instead, I created multiple experimental animations while listening to the song repeatedly.
I then combined, cut, and synchronized the animations with every second of the track to ensure that the visuals matched the beat perfectly.
The result is an immersive experience where the audience can feel the music come to life through the reactive visuals, even if they don’t know exactly where the video will take them

Directed and Produced by
Alireza Mokarram

Title Design
Alireza Mokarram

Animation & Vfx
Alireza Mokarram


Trachanik Records

A Path To Oblivion – Alireza Mokarram 2020 – 2022

Best Austrian Animation Festival, Austria 2022