A dark experimental show for a dark experimental music. When the glitches make non-stop noises in our ears and some alien galatic ambient sounds are heard in the background.
As creator of this specific music video, I came to the point that I don’t need a make a certain story or mood boards for this song.
So I tried to create many dark experimental animated footages while listening to this song repeteadly and afterwards tried to combine, cut and synch them with every seconds of the song, to give the audience a feeling of acceptance
that the visual graphics react to every beat they hear, although they still maybe don’t know where the music video taking them.

Directed and Produced by
Alireza Mokarram

Title Design
Alireza Mokarram

Animation & Vfx
Alireza Mokarram


Trachanik Records

A Path To Oblivion – Alireza Mokarram 2020 – 2022

Best Austrian Animation Festival, Austria 2022