I’m a Multimedia Designer, Photographer and Composer based in Vienna. Specialized in working at (Cinema 4D, Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Octane, Marvelous Designer, World Creator, Character Creator, IClone, Adobe Suites such as Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Flash (Animate), InDesign) and make the contents out of them to be used in Videos, Movie Clips, Animation Movies, Music Videos, Game Engines, XR Platforms, 3D Printing and Corporate design.

Since childhood, I always was interested in drawing and painting, and it was a force that pushed me into graphic design. I started my work with graphic software back in 1996 when I started working with Adobe Photoshop 4.0, but it was just the beginning.

Besides my education in the field of Computer Science at Azad University of Tehran, Iran, I continued learning Photoshop, Bryce, Poser, and 3ds Max till 2004 which I started working in this field seriously.

After getting involved in 3Ds Max, I was curious to discover other 3d software; therefore, I tried to learn Cinema 4D and Maya. As a result, I decided to focus on both of them as my main 3d Software. Since today I have learned many different 2D & 3D software that have opened my hand to express my art widely.

I was honored to receive an Appreciation certificate from the Tehran Institute of Technology as the best teacher in The Film, Sound and Computer Game

Graduation and taking my Diploma in the field of Fine Art Photography and Multimedia at HTL Spengergasse, Vienna in 2017 was also another success to level up my skills.

To me, the process of creating an artwork from early sketches to the final touches is fascinating. This excitement comes from knowing how to balance details, performance, and deadlines and seeing how an idea translates to a visual concept and how the idea evolves to the final animation film, music video, poster, etc.

Design is an integral part of my life, and It’s my language to speak globally.



HR Giger, Salvador Dali, Zdzisław Beksiński, Michael Whelan, Wojtek Siudmak, Alessandro Bavari, David Ho, Boris, Luis Royo.


Star Craft, Unreal Tournament, Titanfall, Half-Life, Mass effect, Hitman, Call of Duty, Cyberpunk 2077.


Ambient, IDM, Industrial, Rhythm Noise, EBM, Dark Electro, Darkwave, Coldwave, Future pop, Synth pop, Hard rock, Old School Death metal, Old school thrash metal, Depressive/Space black metal, Pagan and Folk metal.