The Classroom – An experiment in Unreal Engine 5

Lately, I was really curious to do an experiment in the new UE5 and finally, I did it.
I started by taking a Classroom scene which I did for an old short-animated film project and also using a Character that I modeled a while ago.

How I went through the process:

Step 1:

The female character made in Maya (Modeling, Unwrapping, Rigging, Blend shapes)
The classroom and the objects made in Maya and Cinema 4d (Modeling, Unwrapping)

Step 2:

The clothes made in ZBrush (Modeling, Sculpting, Retopology, Unwrapping)

Step 3:

Texturing and 3d painting The Character and The Classroom in Substance Painter

Step 4:

Integrating the final character into Reallusion Character Creator to speed up the Optimization and Conversion of Highpoly to Lowpoly Character.

Step 5:

Importing, and re-arranging the Objects and Textures in UE5
Retargeting the Character in UE5