October 29, 2016

“EXISTENCE” short animation film has been released.

Actually the very first idea of my story was not like the thing you see in the final work. It was only representative of an alone person who is sitting on a throne on a small planet surrounded by giant planets around somewhere is space but as my continual favorite topics of life after death, cosmos and universe I tried to make a story which covers all these topics.

Death is dreadful and at the same time beautiful when you have hope there is another form of life. I am one of the persons who believe death is not the end and we all return to universe in different form after ending our earthly life.

Base on this belief Existence invites people to see, think and discuss about the topic of life and death. Film will be presented from a conceptual surrealistic view in a dark atmosphere. The music background has the role of bringing more sense to this atmosphere for the viewer in different part of the story line.


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